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Victor's Gambit

The voices and radio traffic drowned out the electronic buzzing in the control room. It was a busy night with the usual rash of traffic accidents, petty theft and other types of emergencies that are normal during the holiday. David Brewer took his share of the traffic, having just dispatched an ambulance to the scene of a pile up on the freeway, when the phone rang again. The computer display popped up with the phone number and address. “911, what’s your emergency?”

An anxious voice answered. “There’s screaming and breaking glass next door.”

David nodded. “Which house? You’re at 2928 Forest?”

“The house on my right. That’s 2930.”

David typed information into the keyboard that was sent to the police patrol cars, equipped with laptops. “Any gunshots or other loud noises?”

“No, just the screaming and breaking glass”, was the caller’s answer.

“I’ll send a unit out. Stay in your house. If the officers need to talk to you, they will knock on your door.” The caller thanked David and hung up. Dispatchers never hang up a call, they wait for the caller to end the conversation. David finished typing the information, noting that this was a possible domestic, and sent it off.

The information went out to the patrol cars. Jack Swenson and Judy Norris were on patrol. Judy saw the call come in. “Possible domestic on Forest. Let’s take it. We’re only a couple of blocks away.” Jack turned the car in the direction of the call. Neither Jack or Judy liked domestic calls, especially with the report of breaking glass. 

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Expected Release: Fall 2014

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