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They say that nice guys finish last. Not this time.

Jan 'Jesse' Schild is the quintessential nice guy who lost his wife and daughter when their California home exploded in a chain reaction caused by a drug lab explosion. The lab, operated by the infamous Nikitin drug cartel was being raided by the DEA at the time of the explosion. To ease his pain and begin the process of rebuilding his life, Jesse moved halfway across the country at the behest of his best friend, Piet Raat, M.D. In a most unconventional manner, he met a homeless Marjorie 'Maggie' Collins. Maggie was in the wrong place at the wrong time because she was sleeping in a warehouse and became a witness to some of Nikitin's activities. As a result, she was pursued by Nikitin's thugs because she knew too much. Jesse, with a soft spot for a damsel in distress, took Maggie 'under his wing' as it were because he swore to himself that Nikitin would never take another innocent life.

Frank Price is the team leader for the Metro Police drug task force. As a twist of fate, Frank was part of the very raid on that California drug lab where he first met Jesse. Frank also vowed not to retire until Nikitin was either behind bars or occupied a slab at the county morgue. Frank is always looking for that one break; that one tidbit of information that could eventually bring the cartel down, but Nikitin is so careful with his operation that it seems to be ever elusive.

With twists and turns, cops 'on the take', bad guys turned informant, an attorney with questionable ethics topped off with some unexpected romance and good-natured humor, this is the novel that you won't want to put down.

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"Looks like a nickel's worth of dead guys. I'll bet they pissed someone off big time"

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